Go Med! Easy and Delicious Recipes – Mediterranean Style

Being half Armenian, I have grown up with and absolutely love Mediterranean food. All of the delicious seafood and cheeses plus a veggie and nut focus – fantastic. Even better, a Mediterranean diet (with a vegetable, bean/legume, seafood and nuts/oil focus) is chalk-full of vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy fats (unsaturated fat from the oils and nuts and omega-3s from the seafood).

The problem is, the term “Mediterranean diet,” is quite ambiguous, making the diet difficult to follow. Alas, the Huffington Post put out some great (45 altogether!) recipes to transform Mediterranean ingredients into delicious dishes. Check them out here. The post is actually from last winter but the light and veggie-filled dishes are great for the summer.


Ain’t she a beaut??

With my tomato and basil plants thriving (not a small feat, seeing that I’m growing them on my mostly shaded patio), I am ready to create some of these recipes – and probably tweak them a little along the way!


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